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Reiter's Supreme Family Hotel, Burgenland 

A modern hotel specialising in families with outstanding facilities for kids, but also a great environment for parents with separate pools/spa etc...

The Riding : Lovely Lipizzaners!
Hacks on 450 km riding trails through the beautiful Southern Burgenland wine region. Seven different routes, with varied terrain. Top dressage training and lessons for all levels and rides out. Kids' Fun Riding courses on Lipizzaners.

The Riding : Lipizzaners for dressage (also stallions schooled to high level) and rides out, Kladrubers and 2 mini Shetland ponies. The Kladrubers were the carriage horses of the royal and imperial monarchies for 400 years. The breed was established in 1572 in the court stud Kladgrub.
Lipizzaner & Co Kids' riding courses: Advanced riding course for kids (from age 11) and teens: c.€170 per child .

Lipizzaner: The "emperor's white horses" of the Hapsburg monarchy originate from the oldest cultured European breed of horses in Lipica, which is now in Slovenia. The Lipizzaner breed was created in 1580 through cross breeding with Spanish, Neapolitan and Arab horses on the initiative of Archduke Karl II.

For questions about the riding before your arrival please contact: booking@reiters-hotels.com or phone (+43) 3353 8841-607

  • Trail rides and hacks
  • Dressage
  • Carriage driving
  • Learn to ride
  • Family friendly
    Hotel Facilities:
  • Barock dressage courses
  • Lipizzaner riding courses for kids
  • Swimming pools (indoor and out)
  • Award-winning spa
  • Golf course and academy for kids
  • Tennis courts and academy
  • Free kids club
Rider's ratingReviewName
"The hotel was lovely and all the staff, without exception, were very welcoming and efficient. They were also very patient as we did not speak German ! Our daughter loved the kids club which I thought was extremely well run and had some fantastic ideas. The fashion show on our last night was a very popular choice. The food was always excellent, although it might have been helpful to have a few signs in English over the actual dishes,but that is just being picky. I thought it was a lovely idea to have a separate menu for kids where they could help themselves.The stables too were fantastic, and I had 2 lovely rides out and a lesson, where I learned a lot. The horses were absolutely beautiful and I feel very lucky to have ridden them." Julia
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