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Homoki Lodge, Puszta, South Hungary 

Homoki Lodge, Puszta, South Hungary
The owners have designed this country boutique hotel with some style, their credentials are tip-top: he is an architect, she an art historian; both grew up in Vienna, travelled far, and for many years have been partners in both life and business.

The southern Carpathian basin is one of the last regions in Europe without fences, with hardly any roads and very little traffic. A unique paradise for riders. Also romantic are the traditional coach rides, taking you on a leisurely trip past fruit plantations, paprika and capsicum fields, and silver-gleaming forests of poplars.

The South Hungarian Puszta surrounding the Homoki Lodge are among the best terrains for horse-riding in the world. A paradise for experienced riders. Unshod, sure-footed Hungarian half-blood horses are available with a large range of saddles. Trained riding guides accompany you on the all-day riding tours through meadows, woodland, fields and marshes. And the joy of riding on sand is unbeatable.

It is a holiday for adults who want to flee from the hectic, noisy world into a nest of luxury and security. There are no television sets. Some people call it chilling out. Others a living experience of nature.

Hunting of hare, pheasant, predators, game and hide-hunting of roe deer, fallow deer, wild boar, fox and gold-jackal also available

If you have any questions about the riding in advance of your trip, please contact the owners direct: Phone: +36 30 9105801 (between 10-16.00 GMT+1)German, English and Hungarian or email:
(German, English, French, Hungarian, Italian and Spanish)

  • Trail rides and hacks
    Hotel Facilities:
  • Free WiFi
  • Large garden
  • Outdoor pool
  • Massages and beauty treatments
  • Hunting
Rider's ratingReviewName
"Great place for experienced riders, who want to relax and enjoy some decent luxury far away from tourist main streams." Peter Toole
"Magnificent well kept, well schooled, forward going, fit horses, allowed for plenty of fast riding through beautiful countryside. Some gallops, plenty of long canters and trots on sandy tracks through woodland and farmland." Mary Connor
"The horses are quite thoroughbredy warmblood mixes of a comfortable size and temperament, they are well cared for and fun to ride. I tried three different horses on the ride, the first one (Marci) was lovely and responsive, we had no problems going from racing other riders in a flat out gallop to staying in line during a sedate canter. My second horse was a pro and looked after me well, and the third one (Zoltan), although slightly more quirky I could have easily kidnapped and taken home with me! The area is very flat and the riding took us along miles of sandy tracks between fields and across meadows. We went for a very fast pace and did 30-40 miles per day without even noticing it. The tack is is very well maintained and all saddles have a sheepskin seatsaver, which makes them very comfortable. The rooms are really more little appartments, with many nice original features, a great shower and a very comfortable bed. The food was awesome, beware, the portions get bigger during the week. Actually the homegrown meat was so tasty, that I switched from my original vegetarian option to the standard option. The homemade wine and brandy flows easy, but doesn't give you too much of a hangover." James Thomsen
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